‘Love Is Blind’ Couples Now Who’s Still Together In 2023?

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April 20, 2023

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April 20, 2023

‘Love Is Blind’ Couples Now Who’s Still Together In 2023?

The couple did not end up getting married, which viewers could see coming from a mile away, however, they have both found love in other people since the show. “Once we took that card off the table is when I was able to really open up and it happened organically. From what you can see on camera, that’s when I kind of relax and start to kind of enjoy the process a little bit more.” LAUREN AND CAMERON | Love Is Blind‘s golden couple is still married, still happy, still adorable.

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To do this we will link your MailOnline account with your Facebook account. We’ll ask you to confirm this for your first post to Facebook. While Marshall and Jackie seemed to be off to a great start on their initial vacation in Mexico, things took a dramatic turn for Jackie when they were faced with returning home to Seattle. She was very much not ready to bring Marshall into her life and have him deal with her family and just… vague outside stressors that have Jackie concerned enough to have a breakdown on camera.

Although things didn’t work out between Mark and Jessica, it’s clear the universe had better things planned for both of them. When it comes to the hit Netflix show, there is one couple that stole just about all of our hearts, Lauren and Cameron! The duo fell madly in love with one another over the course of the show, making it all that much better to know that the couple is still very much together!

He’s married to Alexandra Garrison and though the two seem to keep to themselves, they are officially Instagram adorable. After Love Is Blind, Diamond introduced us to her boyfriend Rumeal, who she met on a blind date, on After the Altar. The two are no longer dating and Diamond is single and thriving. “After Love Is Blind it took me a while to reassess who I was and what I was looking for.

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She was 34 at the time and I was 24 and she’s career-oriented, like corporate, and I was building myself and being a trainer and diving deep into that industry. I think our paths, they were nowhere near each other but I think they were brought together because of this. At the end of the day, we wouldn’t have crossed https://datingupdates.org/ paths, but it’s crazy that we did because there was that initial spark. You know what’s crazy, I think I got the lucky end of the stick. I didn’t necessarily get any bad dates, where I was like oh my god, this is traumatizing. Everybody I think was a match for someone else, and whoever wasn’t a match for me, wasn’t.

As reported by Buzzfeed, a TikTok user posted now-deleted videos featuring DMs with SK and a video of him kayaking. On his own Instagram post, Matt wrote to Colleen, “Love is never easy and it takes work, but I wouldn’t want it with anyone else.” Viewers watched Zanab Jeffrey and Cole Barnett fight over semantics during their Malibu getaway.

And I know how serious that proposal is and even though it was behind a wall at first, and I can only imagine what it looks like—a little embarrassing. Like, “Wow, you can’t even see her, like what the hell are you doing?” But at the end of the day, I followed that connection, and it led me to do that and it just felt natural. I knew the gravity of the situation and I still committed to it. But I’m not going to watch it with a big group, I’m just going to watch it with close friends and family. I’m going to have a couple people over at my apartment, like only close-knit people.

When she’s not staying up to date on what’s happening in the world of entertainment, she can be found reading a good thriller novel, watching old rom-com movies or playing with her Mini Goldendoodle, Jesse. As of now, Cuevas is enjoying his love life with 25 years old Aubrey Rainey since July 2020. Later, fans speculated Mark being in a relationship with his Love Is Blind star, Lauren Chamblin. Cuevas has earned both name and fortune as a reality show star and fitness instructor. He earns an impressive net worth striking in thousands of dollars.

Ariana Brockington is a digital reporter for TODAY based in Los Angeles. She is a Northwestern University graduate who reports on entertainment news, pop culture and more. She told Essence in August 2021 that her relationship with Rumeal did not work out and that she is now trying dating apps. Last month, he shared a photo of them attending a wedding together. Two years later, Batten is now planning a wedding to her fiancé, Benjamin McGrath.

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The reality star Demas was born on June 12, 1991, in Tempe, Arizona. Since a young age, he was very much into wrestling due to the influence of WWE. Unlike any of his past forebears of the reality series show, he was not content to be simply a friend with his heart queen. He said that if she didn’t feel heart-to-heart with Marshall, she could still pick him. While celebrating their second anniversary in November 2020, Amber told PEOPLE that they may even have a second wedding someday. “There’s no rush on it. We’re married now, but at some point.”

Despite all the manufactured drama about their interracial relationship, they say their families are getting along great together. (Sorry, a “fur baby.”) Cameron says he never wanted to date a woman that had a dog, so when he told his mom they were getting a dog, she knew it must be true love. (Aw!) They are thinking about having a human, non-fur baby “one day,” too. According to Backstage, a requirement of Love Is Blind thus far has been to “live in the city where the season is filming,” which makes sense given the show’s format, which requires couples to move in together after getting engaged. However, as fans have seen with Season 4, there seems to be some flexibility with that rule. Season 4’s Kwame Appiah, for example, lives in Portland and not Seattle.

In the post, she also called Cameron her “light in darkness.” Out of the six couples featured in season one of “Love Is Blind,” Kelly Chase and Kenny Barnes were rarely shown. Chase broke up with Barnes at the altar and their relationship was briefly mentioned in the special released last year.

We’re serving up the juiciest moments from the reunion special. Jessica married her partner, Benjamin McGrath, in September 2022. The two met in March 2020, following Jessica’s tumultuous relationship with her ex Mark, and have been together since.

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